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New - The Talisman

KILIAN PARIS iconic travel atomizer, protects perfume inside a changeable and refillable 7.5ml vial, and protects it in style.

Now available separately, your Talisman could be associated with any Kilian fragrance and will become either your shield of protection or weapon of seduction.

Black Refillable Travel Spray
White Refillable Travel Spray
Blue refillable travel spray

About KILIAN PARIS Talisman

Take your KILIAN PARIS perfume with you wherever you go. Taking to distant lands, the perfume becomes easy to carry on a journey thanks to the nomadic refillable bottle. True fashion creations for men and women, the Talisman are presented in a box set, accompanied by 7.5 ml perfume bottles or available on their own. Discover KILIAN PARIS most iconic fragrances in their 30ml travel format : Good girl gone Bad, by KILIAN, Love, don’t be shy, Moonlight in Heaven, Straight to Heaven, white cristal. Ideal for travel, the empty bottle is to fill with your favorite signature KILIAN PARIS perfume and to slip into your bag during the day or in your evening clutch. Order the products for the trip now on our official online store.